APP Review-Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery


App Name: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Category: Adventure

Ages: 4+

Rating: 4.8/5

Developer: Jam City, Inc.

Any muggle will know that they secretly want to be a wizard. At first you create your own avatar and what the basic features are of your character. Then you go to Diagon Alley and meet Rowan, one friend that will help you at your first year at Hogwarts. Of course you go through all of the major steps of becoming a young wizard like getting your first wand.  You even get to read your acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

In September you go to school and when you first get there you go into the dining hall to be sorted.  At first the hat will ask what house you originally want.   Interestingly, they make a very unique story of your family background, and it is almost like a mystery. And as you go through the year, you unravel a grand story. I highly encourage you to download this magical game.