APP Review – Super Mario Run


App Name: Super Mario Run

Category: Action

Ages:  +4

Rating:  4/5

Developer:  Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Nintendo finally has Super Mario Run available on the App Store. It has taken a long time to come out with it as a mobile game. The app is actually three games in one, an endless running game that moves Mario through many different courses. The app has cool features: a multiplayer mode to challenge others for the best score, and a world-building mode to decorate your own mushroom kingdom. Throw in precise controls and colorful levels, and Super Mario Run is much more creative than the game similar, Temple Run.

After you pay the $10 to unlock the complete game, you don’t have to worry about any more new levels to buy.  There are turtles and little mushrooms to attack to reach Princess Peach.  If searching for any new games to chill out to or play with friends, this is a highly recommended game– and it’s a classic.