APP Review – Granny

APP Review - Granny

App Name: Granny

Category: Arcade

Ages: +12

Rating: 4.5/5

Developer: Dennis Vukanovic

The new horror digital game Granny is very popular, currently number two on the Arcade Charts.   It is obvious to see why.   You never think of a Granny being terrifying, but you would be mistaken if you haven’t played this fearful game.

As the game begins, you wake up underneath a bed in a room with the door closed. You cannot hide.  You only have five days to escape Granny’s house.  In order to escape, you must go throughout the whole house finding numerous items to defend yourself and help you escape all of the traps the Granny has set.  If she finds you, have to restart the game.  Unlike a typical Granny, this arcade Granny doesn’t have a wooden spoon, she prefers a baseball bat as her punishment tool–ouch!

Granny is full of  thrills and the detail in the graphics are very realistic.