Search For Work 2018

Since 2014, Mr. Blane Gold has organized “Search For Work Day”. This year’s “Search For Work Day” was held Thursday, March 15, from 11:30 – 3:00 PM at Redbank Valley High School. This year, Mr. Gold arranged for over 60 businesses to attend. Some of these businesses include Clarion Hospital, Northwest Bank, and Shirey Farms.

About Search For Work Day

Search For Work Day is held for seniors that are graduating from Redbank Valley. In preparation for the event, the seniors in Mr. Gold’s class are tasked with creating resumes and cover letters. On the day of the event, students are assigned three mock interviews each with a career matched individual.  


According to Mr. Gold, the inspiration behind search for work was based on his own struggle.  After college, he had the grades and certifications that he needed, but that was not enough. He had no resume, cover letter, or experience with mock interviews. He was thrown into the job hunting process with absolutely no experience.

Goal of SFWD

According to Mr. Gold, the goal of Search For Work Day is to “make sure that every single student that graduates from Redbank Valley has a professional resume, a cover letter that they can use, and that they have mock interviews under their belt.”

Resumes & Cover Letters

Resumes and cover letters are initially created by students. The main reason Mr. Gold has the students create these are to give them a guide on what to do in the future. The resumes and cover letters “focus on their educational accomplishments, any work experience they may have, and activities…outside of school. Really, anything that shows that they would be a responsible, reliable employee.”

Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews are designed to allow the students to make mistakes the first time around…rather than in the future when they are applying for possible jobs.

Goals for the Future

Mr. Gold’s goals for the future include expanding each year and to eventually fill both gyms with mock interviewers, as well as making Search For Work more realistic each year.