Student of the Week


Samuel Hetrick

What are your hobbies and extracurricular school activities?

Football, Basketball, Track, and Ski Club

When you get screen time, what are you viewing?

TV shows or Movies

What is your favorite memory from high school so far?

The trip to Washington D.C.

Where is one place on the planet you would like to visit someday? Why?

Greece, to look at all the cool ancient buildings and statues

Favorite class subject and why?

History cause I think learning about it is cool

If you could have dinner with anyone from the past or present, who would it be and why?

My Grandma–my family always says she was such a good cook.

If you had to write a thank-note to a person who has taught you an important life lesson, who would it be? What lesson did you learn?

My dad because all my life I have seen him work hard six days a week and still go to all of my and my siblings’ sports and activities.

What is your passion, as of right now in high school?

To do my best by keeping my grades up while getting better at track.