Top Ten Sports Movies of All Time

Top Ten Sports Movies of All Time

As a writer, my two favorite things to write about are movies and sports. After watching Glory Road last night, I decided to make a ranking of my favorite sports movies.

10: The Karate Kid

While this is one of my favorite movies of all time, I cannot rank it higher for not being a pure sports movie. The main idea is a boy becoming used to moving to a new place and the events after that. Still, this movie is great and a classic 80s movie. Bonus points for the soundtrack.

9.  Rudy

Great movie, but while it was a true story, it dramatized things a little too much. Anyone that is not emotional at the end of this movie does not have a heart.

8.  Remember the Titans

This movie is set in 1971 and is about a football coach who tries to integrate an all-white school with a black school. Only reason this movie is not higher is because Glory Road is essentially the same thing, but basketball.

7. A League of their Own

This movie is about an all women’s  baseball league during WWII. Tom Hanks is the best part of this movie for the fact that he does act like he doesn’t care, but really he is wanting the best for his team.

6.  Glory Road

Great story about the racial tensions in the South during the 1960s. The coach recruits young black men form the ghetto and urban areas to play basketball for a team that normally never had colored boys on the team. When they win the national championship at the end of the movien it is a great feeling.

5. Major League

One of the only funny movies on the list, this is one of my all-time favorites. The movie follows the Cleveland Indians as try to win a pennant after a long drought. The catch is the owner is trying to stop them from winning it all.

4. Jerry Maguire

This movie is up here purely due to the fact that is has so many quotable lines that you hear on a daily basis.  It is about a sports agent that gets fired from his company.  Cuba Gooding, Jr. earned an an Academy Award for his portrayal of a professional athlete.

3. The Sandlot

A movie about coming of age in the 1950s, I have watched this movie probably about a hundred times and it is still so good. The boys just band together as they learn and enjoy life. Just a great movie.

2. Rocky

The true underdog story, Rocky follows a fighter who has never been able to do much but is granted the opportunity of a lifetime to fight the world ranked #1 boxer. His preparation and ability to hold his own in the fight is inspiring.

1. Hoosiers

A story about a small school in Indiana that wins the state championship with only seven boys on the team. It follows a coach that has nowhere else to go. The town is very involved with the team and the coach initially clashes with them, but as they start to win, the town warms up to him. Definitely one of the greatest movies of all time, not just sports movies.