Student Awareness Day 2014


Madison Harman, Editor

Student Awareness Day is well-known throughout the halls of Redbank Valley. Some see it as simply the day before Christmas vacation, but Awareness Day deserves so much more recognition than that. Student council advisors and members take this opportunity to remind students how valued their lives are, and to give knowledge about the dangers each and every one of us will be faced with throughout high school and college. Drugs, alcohol, and other teenage pressures are real issues, and knowing the right information might just save a life someday.

Student council knows how repetitive this information can be, so new speakers were added this year as an attempt to bring some fresh information to the student body. While speakers covered topics ranging between healthy relationships, drinking and driving, and how to get involved with community service, the famous sleep relaxtion activity was also put throughout schedules. The first three activities were followed by movies during the lunch periods, and then came the inspirational part of the day.

Seth Franco, a former member of the Harlem Globe Trotters, talked to the student body about problems he faced throughout his life and how he overcame them. He got very personal in front of everyone, sharing his mild hip dysplasia struggles and reminiscing on the darkest parts of his life, when all he wanted was to give up. After sharing such deep parts of his life, he completely turned the show around by talking about his wife of 10 years and his eight year old daughter, Jade. He told everyone how he landed the lead role in a movie that is currently on hold, as well as how he became the first caucasian to be a member of the Harlem Globe Trotters since 1942. He ended the show by doing incredible basketball tricks he learned while recovering from his first hip surgery. Although there is a long road ahead, Seth knows he can handle every struggle he faces. Seth continues to travel and speak to all ages with hopes of inspiring at least one person in the room.

Thanks to the help of the speakers, teachers, and staff members, many students left school with new information that they will hopefully be able to use in the future. Student council members and advisors would also like to thank the members of the student body who stayed to enjoy the activities.