Something to Chew On: 300 vs 1


There is a poem called The Fearless 300 by Christopher Rudolph that tells the story of the Battle of Thermopylae, which  involves the Greeks and Persians. The Persians were strong and determined soldiers who were fighting against the mighty Greeks. Obviously, the Greeks were superior to the Persians, but that never stopped them. They marched on to face what they already knew would come-death. They did what was right. They listened to their leader. As the men followed their leader, they did not realize that there was a traitor among them.  What truly made the Persians lose their battle was a traitor going to see the Greeks and giving away the Persians’ plan.   A sneak attack was upon them, and they had no choice but to die with honor.

When it comes to life, as teenagers it is hard for us to keep going when there is so much knocking us down. We are like soldiers in a battle fighting every day to keep marching.  Even though you are one person and the Persians were 300 soldiers,  keep marching on. The difference might seem vast, but 300 or 1, you can–and should–march on being fearless.