11th Grade Shields

Shield done by Paiton Rizzo

Mrs. Aaron assigned the 11th graders the annual shield project. The shields will be on display in the library beginning this week. Mrs. Aaron has been doing the shields for eight years. Mrs. Aaron took over the shield project from a beloved former English teacher, Mrs. Moore.  Mrs. Aaron said that the shields are part of the Medieval Unit.  The shields require students to examine who they are and where they are going in life.  This project has become a Redbank tradition.

One symbol that Dawson Delp chose for his shield was a picture of his step-sister and him.  He selected the picture because they have a strong bond together.   Paiton Rizzo’s shield displays a track symbol because track has really impacted her life and given her something for which to work.   She also believes being a part of a team is a good experience.  Garrett Garmong’s shield includes an image of a cow. He chose the cow because he grew up and lives “down on the farm”.

As a junior myself, I recommend that future shield makers put effort into the project and don’t wait till the last minute to do it.  My shield took four weekends to put together.  I do not regret one single minute spent on this wonderful project.  Thanks, Mrs. Aaron!

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