The Ag Olympics

Mrs. Rupp giving the pig a kiss.

Who’s ready for the 2018 Ag Olympics this year? FFA would like invite you all to participate in the Ag Olympics.  The Ag Olympics will be held on Thursday, February 22, at 2:30 in the gym.

FFA has two exclusive events for teachers, cow milking and bull riding contest. FFA is in search of four more teachers to join in the cow milking competition. The cow milking competition will be held on February 13th at 3:15 P.M. at Rich Shirey’s Farms.  The contest will be recorded and put on RVTV and the winner will be announced at Ag Olympics. The bull riding competition will take place at the Ag. Olympics. FFA is in search of teachers to ride a mechanical bull during the assembly, so let Mrs. Gruver know ASAP.

Students, don’t forget to sign up for all the Ag. Olympics events.  The sign up sheet is in the cafeteria. The events include hay bale stacking, tractor tire roll, stick horse race, egg toss, and tractor pull. So make sure you bust out your cowgirl/cowboy boots and snazzy flannels and dress up like a farmer on Ag. Olympics Day.

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