NBA Month One: Recap

NBA Month One: Recap

Jarrett Bailey, Sports Writer

The first month of the NBA regular season has been interesting to say the least. The top five teams in the West (Warriors, Grizzlies, Trail Blazers, Rockets, Mavericks) all have at least 14 wins already. Many experts support the Warriors in the West, and I would have to agree. With new Head Coach Steve Kerr to go along with the fire power of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, the Warriors have appeared to be nearly unstoppable, holding a 17 – 2 record as they sit at the top of the Western Conference. With Curry averaging 22 points per game and 8 assists, both Curry and Thompson are averaging a combined percentage of 43% from beyond the 3 point line. This proves that the Warriors team is a force to be reckoned with out West.

Another big headline happens to come from the Cavaliers who are currently holding a mere 11-7 record. Now, that record isn’t bad, but after forming another “Big 3” with LeBron James, Kevin Love, and Kyree Irving, this Cavs team is far from what most fans expected. The other big story in the Eastern Conference is in Chicago where the Bulls have a group of stars in the making. With Derrick Rose coming off with yet another season-ending injury last year, the Bulls went to free agency and acquired Aaron Brooks, who has been very solid in his role, along with fellow guard and veteran, Kirk Hinrich. The Bulls also have maybe the best front court duo in the league with All-Stars Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol controlling the paint. The only question in the windy city is the health of Derrick Rose, who has missed games this year due to hamstring and ankle injuries. Head Coach Tom Thibodeau has tried to stay positive about the situation, but at one point just a few weeks ago said, “He needs to play,” speaking about his former MVP point guard.  The NBA season is still young, though, and has much more in store. Below are the current top 8 teams in both conferences.

Western Conference:                                                   Eastern Conference:

1. Warriors: 17-2                                                           1. Raptors: 15-5

2. Rockets: 16-4                                                             2. Hawks: 13-6

3. Trail Blazers: 16-4                                                    3. Wizards: 13-6

4. Grizzlies: 16-4                                                             4. Cavaliers: 11-7

5. Spurs: 15-5                                                                   5. Bulls: 12-8

6. Clippers: 14-5                                                              6. Bucks: 11-11

7. Mavericks: 16-6                                                          7. Heat: 9-11

8. Suns: 12-9                                                                    8. Nets: 8-10

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