FBLA’s New School Store

Rachel Niccolai and Colin Sheffer, FBLA members

The FBLA School Store will be open on Tuesday, January 16, 2018. You will be able to go to the store during Activity Period on Tuesdays and Fridays. It is located at the end of the shop wing, behind the library.

There will be various items available at the store. As of now, there are Chromebook mouses, gum, and iPhone charging cords.  FBLA, Future Business Leaders of America,  is open to suggestions for other products that they should sell.

FBLA School Store provides students somewhere to go if they need supplies.  FBLA also decided to open the store to help cover costs of conferences and to promote their club.   If it is profitable enough, FBLA will expand the store.

The members of the FBLA include Peyton Kirkpatrick, Ian Taylor, Colin Sheffer, and Rachel Niccolai. Their adviser is Mr. Logan.

To get to the store, you can just sign-out of homeroom, and there will be a sheet to sign at the store to prove that you were there.  Come out and support the FBLA.