Stop-Motion Projects


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Mr. Fricko’s 8th period Broadcast Journalism I class did a project recently on stop-motion videos for RVTV Live morning announcements. I interviewed Mr.Fricko about this project:

Q: Why did you assign the project?

A: I assign the project to allow students to get familiar with the process of film making.  I can teach the basics of video editing while maintaining a fun and creative project.

Q: When do you assign the project?

A: After we learn about shot techniques and camera angles, I like to incorporate this project to highlight the importance of those skills from the editing side of the piece.

Q: What class is this for?

A:Introduction to Broadcast Journalism (although sometimes we really work more with video production!)

Q: What’s your favorite video?

A: I’ve had lots of fun ones over the years, but I had a student once create a whole set in a show box that they used as the backdrop – it took some extra time and effort and those are the projects that always shine!

Q:What software did your students have to learn for this project?

A: In past years, we used iMovie in our broadcast lab, but this year we converted to Filmora Wondershare which is a PC based video editor.  It allows more students to work at the same time and we can complete projects in a more timely fashion.


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