Something to Chew On: Thoughts on Self


Photo from Google

We all know we have flaws.  They make us human. We have probably found ourselves wondering about others and their thoughts on our flaws. Ever heard yourself thinking in your head, Did people see how bad my acne is?  Does anyone notice how my hair is a mess ’cause I woke up late and had no time to get ready? 

Ask yourself this instead of questioning your imperfections:   If you were someone else, would you want to be friends with you?  When I was first asked this question, I immediately said no. But I didn’t understand the meaning or concept until I thought about it later.    If you are happy with yourself, the answer is yes–you would be your own friend. If you are not happy with yourself, don’t worry, you will be. It is all your self-perception.  Give yourself time to understand how fabulous you are.

I look around in my classroom at my classmates, and I can’t help but think…we are amazing, funny, caring, athletic, intelligent, and out-going.  So, if ever get asked that question again–If you were someone else, would you want to be your friend?  My answer will be yes.  Love yourself; you are you!   Be happy with that and be the best you that only you can be.