Special Thanks to Miss Williams

Special Thanks to Miss Williams

Dylan Donine, Staff Writer

If you, like me, are part of the class of 2015 and have been involved in band for most of your school career,  you would know that being part of marching and/or concert band has been a very rough, roller coaster-like experience. The younger kids will only know Miss Williams for the most part, but the kids in the senior class today know all too well the struggles the band has gone through over the past six years. From Mr. Bish to Mr. Joyce to Mr. Reefer, and now, to Mr. Terwilliger and Miss Williams as directors,  being a member of the band has been an ever-changing experience.

Constantly having to adjust to new teachers for the same subject is difficult, considering  that each teacher has different methods of teaching, different interests in music they would like us to play, and different expectations for their students. Not to mention that some students find it hard to accept a new teacher, whether they are good or not, because they might have become attached to their old teacher.   When Mr.Reefer passed, it was especially hard for some older students since he was their elementary band teacher for three years and then their high school band teacher for less time than they expected he would be. So much respect and love was felt for Mr.Reefer, and that had to have been the hardest loss and adjustment of all the band teachers that passed through our school. It’s as if a legacy has ended and an all new band had to come from that.

Miss Williams is, without a doubt, the best teacher to place into the music department at RVHS. Unlike past band teachers, she has us do bell-ringers that help us count and read music better, as well working on understanding the current music we are playing as best as we can. I personally didn’t know how to count music very well until this year because no one extensively taught me how. She also helped me learn the names of different notes on the music staff. Miss Williams has us do more than just play music, she helps us to learn it, feel it, and understand it at as high of a level as possible for us. She does concert band during the day, jazz band after school every Wednesday, and does marching band over the summer and through all of football season. She does so much to benefit us in our musical hobbies and careers–it’s truly amazing.

Although the bands of RVHS have been through many changes and adjustments, there are no better hands for the band to be in than those of Miss Williams. The band experience has never been as consistent as it is with Miss Williams in the position. She may have the band doing more work than we’re used to, but the matter of the fact is, she’s doing it to help us and to better the band. Kids should really appreciate it more instead of complaining about having to write in music class, as well as playing our instruments. Because of the constant inconsistency and slacking off in band that came from switching between different directors over the past few years, the current students got used to having it very easy. We never had to do much, and although the new work may seem extreme, it’s honestly not. It’s beneficial. Miss Williams is a fantastic teacher and musician, and she deserves all the thanks and respect in the world.

Thank you so much for everything, Miss Williams.