Life Hacking 101

Life Hacking 101

Mackenzie Pence, Assistant Editor

Life is easier with a trick, shortcut, or method that increases efficiency. This skill of simplifying life that originated in 1980 is better known as a “life hack.” We have all seen them on social media like Twitter, and they have become very popular. Many people like reading them for fun, and others are impressed by the cleverness of the people who came up with it, and mimic their idea. Here is a list of some life hacks that would definitely come in handy.


Use a fork to dunk your Oreos or…

milk 2

…fill empty space of cookie container with milk!

bagel 2

Use empty CD case for on-the-go bagel tote.

charger 2

An old pen spring reinforces your phone charger

coffee 2

Coffee ice cubes cool coffee without watering it down.

fan 2

Paint the blades of a fan different colors.

iphone 3

Turn a toilet paper tube and thumbtacks into an iPhone speaker.

spaghetti 2

Space out the food in a circle to heat it more evenly.

vaccuum 2

Pantyhose over end of  vacuum finds tiny valuables, like earrings.

popcorn resized

Open the top of a popcorn bag slightly, turn it upside down, and shake it to remove most of the kernels.
–All pictures are from Google Images.