Hunting Tips 101

Hunting Tips 101

It’s that time of season again. It’s time to get your bows ready and go get a big one. While the holidays are right around the corner, people are getting ready to go get their kill to put on the table for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The hunting season right now is archery season.

Here are the archery hunting dates for deer, archery:

Deer, Archery(Antlered and Antleress) Statewide: September 30-November 11 and December 26-January 13. One antlered deer per hunting license  year. One anterless deer with each required anterless license. Deer, Archery(Antlered and Anterless) WMUs 2B, 5C and 5D: September 16-November 25 and December 26-January 27. One anterless deer with each required anterless license. One antlered deer per hunting license year.

Fall Turkey(Male or Female): WMU 1B October 28-November 4. WMU 2B (Shotgun and bow and arrow) October 28-November 17and November 23-25. WMUs 1A, 2A, 4A, and 4B, October 28-November 4 and November 23-25. WMUs 2D, 2E, 2F, 2G, 2H, 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 4C, 4D, and 4E, October 28-November 11 and November 23-25. WMU 2C October 28-November 17 and November 23-25. WMU 5A November 2-4. WMU 5B October 31-November 2. WMUs 5Cand 5D closed to fall turkey hunting.

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When some people go hunting they don’t know what they are doing or they need help trying to kill a deer or a turkey. Because some people have no idea what they are doing during the hunting season. So I’m here to give you some good hunting tips, for the hunting seasons. Here are some hunting tips for bow hunting whitetail deer.

1. Add ten yards. Increase your archery range by practicing at distances 10 to 30 yards.

2. Apply Kingsford cameo. Use a lump of charcoal. The lump of charcoal can be used to cameo your hands and face. And it can be a natural odor absorbent material.

3. Hold off. If your going to kill a big buck then, don’t try to kill the little ones first.

4. Range every shot. Use a laser rangefinder on each of the deer you plan to shoot.

5. Get down. Whitetail deer will hit particular food sources, and access route isn’t inevitable. With leaves falling and food sources adjusted, now you need to get down on the ground and make a trail. Make sure to keep the wind in your approval.

Now, here are some hunting tips for bow hunting turkey.

1. Practice. Killing a turkey with a bow can be pretty difficult. You should practice bow hunting with a standing and seated positions with a 3D target in your backyard.

2.  Know your bird. You have to know where your bird will be and how many other birds will be with him. You should find out where your bird likes to go.

3. Create a distraction. Go to your hunting spot early in the day time and plant your decoys. Make sure you get your bird to look away from you and you should be able to get a good shot at your bird.

4. Get in place. Get to your hunting spot at dawn and get into your spot. You don’t want to make any distractions getting the bow or arrows out.

5. Getting the right shot. You have to hit the turkey in the right spot to get the small entrails. The first shot should be at the base of the neck and the second shot should be in the wing.

I hope these helpful tips that I gave you for bow hunting whitetail deer and bow hunting turkey will help you get the big kill.