Empathy Belly

 Redbank Valley High School’s Child Development class is experiencing pregnancy with the empathy belly.  The empathy belly is a proven teaching aide that is  highly effective and beneficial. 

The belly simulates more than 20 of the typical symptoms and effects during pregnancy.  While wearing the belly, you will gain 35 pounds, which includes a pregnant profile of enlarged breasts and protruding abdominal belly. With the continuous pressure on the abdomen and internal organs, students experience posture changes in the back and an increase in pelvic tilt.  

There are weights in the belly that will move around and simulate a mild fetal kicking. It will become harder to breath.  While wearing the belly, the extra weight will cause the student’s body temperature to increase.  With the pressure on the bladder, the urge to use the restroom will increase.

Males, as well, have tried the empathy belly to see what their wives or  loved ones experienced while going through pregnancy. It is also said to bring couples closer.

When the Redbank Valley High School Child Development students try the belly, Mrs. Orange asks them to do many tasks, including sitting down and tried to get back up off a couch. They will also have to try to pick up something off the ground.   Also they will see what it is like to try to lie down and see how challenging it can be to get comfortable.