Spring Musical – The Addams Family

Spring Musical - The Addams Family

This year’s high school play has been decided. Redbank will feature another musical this year, The Addams Family.  

A meeting was held this week for those students who are interested in the musical.  The number of students  in attendance was very exciting, and  the director, Jack Garies,  is hoping to see even more  at the tryouts. The tryout date will be announced.  At tryouts, Mr. Garies will give students a piece to memorize and perform for him. 

 There were two other musicals that were considered,  Beauty and the Beast and Shrek. They were all very wonderful choices, but some Redbank students saw The Addams Family at another school and had wonderful comments about the show.  They were enthusiastic about offering this performance to our community since Redbank Valley High School hasn’t perform it yet.

Joining the play cast or working on stage or lighting gives students the opportunity to see if they  would like to study theater in college. The play gives students a great opportunity to  meet others that they may not normally talk to during the school day and can lead to great new friendships.  It is hard work to get a play to the opening show, but when finished, cast and crew have a powerful sense of accomplishment.  So, give the musical a try.  It’s a great way to have your family watch you do something new. 

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