Spooktacular Stories


All Redbank students can remember sitting in the elementary library listening to Miss Boyles tell her famous Halloween stories. These scary stories were  our  favorite part of school during this time of year.   Miss Boyles shares the inspiration and origins of this Redbank Valley tradtion.


What inspired you to tell scary stories for Halloween in the elementary libraries?

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday ever!  I have always liked stories, and the more you tell them the better you get at them.

From where did the stories originate?

Most of my stories either come from the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series that is written by Alvin Schwartz or from folklore.

What was the best reaction/experience you have had telling these scary stories?

One time Mr. Singer, who was our elementary school principal, came into a sixth grade class while we were telling stories. He hunkered down behind my desk and then at the end of the story scared the daylights out of those sixth grade boys who had said that they were not afraid at the beginning of class.

Would you care to share the worst reaction from a child when you told these stories?

One girl was terribly afraid of the story “Tallyho” and she would hide in my office every time I told it.

What is your favorite story?   Why?

Probably  “Purple Gorilla” because the kids all love it, and it can be told so many different ways.

Mrs. Aaron’s English classes relived the scary story experience with Miss Boyles in the library last week.  Thank you, Miss Boyles, for sharing your passion and love of Halloween with us every year.