Chromebook Chaos


A cluster of students trying to access their Chromebooks.

Chromebooks are not as new to Redbank as it might seem.  We have had Chromebooks for three years, and you think by now we would have figured out where students could put them at the end of the day, but recently there has been even more confusion and frustration over Chromebooks.  There is a simple solution to all our Chromebook logistical problems–let students take them home.  If students could take  Chromebooks home, it would solve multiple issues:  being late to class, missing the bus, and  completing online homework.  Taking Chromebooks home would also teach students responsibility and prepare them for the real world.

Students struggle to get to classes on time as it is now.  How are we supposed to get our Chromebooks and other supplies we need for each class without being late?  If students take Chromebooks home, they would not need to walk half way across the school to get Chromebooks at the beginning of the day, and then walk  the halls during activity period to get to a charging station at end of the day.  Students would not be late getting to homeroom in the morning or miss the bus at the end of the day if charging Chromebooks at home each night was the students’ responsibility.

The current Chromebook access issues also impact our Career Center students coming back to the building during lunch.  Career Center students only have 10 minutes to eat on a good day, but now they have to rush their lunch even more to get their Chromebooks after they eat so they can get to class on time.    Some Career Center students have reported that they cannot access their Chromebooks at all on certain days because the room where computers are stored is accidentally locked.  

If  students took Chromebooks home, they could do homework more efficiently.  With more teachers using technology and Google Classroom, students are able to continue technology-driven projects and assignments at home.   Students who are absent could also keep up with coursework through Google Classroom posts.  As a result, teachers would be encouraged to use technology even more, which can only benefit students by preparing them for the real world.

In our neighboring school district, Union High School students are expected to take Chromebooks home.  Students in Grades 7-12 take Chromebooks home everyday.  Chargers are not kept at school, rather it is the students’ responsibility to charge their Chromebooks each night at home.  What happens if students forget to charge their computers?   That’s their problem.  The teachers do not assist them by trying to find computers for them to use or locate chargers for them to plug into the classroom wall.  The students are held accountable.   If there’s a project on Google Classroom and they don’t have their computer, they lose time working on it.  The students have to accept responsibility for being unprepared. 

What if students damage their Chromebooks at home?  Again at Union High School, parents may choose to purchase an inexpensive insurance coverage of $35.00, which includes a protective cover for the Chromebook.  So, it’s a matter of taking responsibility.   This concept of students taking responsibility should not be new to anyone.   If a student damaged an expensive science textbook, they would have to replace it.  How are Chromebooks different?   Let’s also remember that students can damage Chromebooks here at school, too.   Accidents happen, whether at home or at school.  

Think about it:  With purchasing Chromebooks, Redbank Valley High School took a progressive step in preparing us students for a world of technology after graduation.  Why take a huge step backward by making access to this technology so difficult?  Successful employees in American need ready access to technological devices and must be responsible for these work-issued devices.   Students need access to devices to learn in a modern world.  So why not teach students to be responsible here at school, just as they will be asked to do in the work place in a few years?   This easy access is possible with one easy change in school policy.  Please let students take Chromebooks home.

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