JV Volleyball Tournament

In front row, from left, are Megan Himes, Karlee Shoemaker, Makenna Bish, Zoey Troup, Savanna Boyer, Francesca Dinger, and Montana Hetrick. Second Row: Brooke Smith, Brynn Rearick, Taylor King, Elaina Miller, Lauren Smith, Rebecca Kunselman, Karlee Wells, and Brooke Holben.

JV Volleyball entered two teams in the Redbank Valley JV Volleyball Tournament on Saturday, September 30. There were six teams including Redbank Red, Redbank White, A-C Valley, Brookville, North Clarion, and Karns City. They all played each other for the pool play, but only the top four went to playoffs. The top four were Redbank Red, First Place; Karns City, Second Place; Redbank White, Third Place; and Brookville, Fourth Place.

Redbank Red played Brookville for the first round of playoffs and beat Brookville to move on for the championship round. Redbank White played Karns City for the first round of playoffs and beat Karns City to move on for the championship against Redbank Red. Since the top two teams were both from Redbank, Coach Darr decided to only play one set to 25.  Redbank White came in first and Redbank Red came in second, but it was very close.