Student of the Week


Q:  After-school activities:

A:   Cross-County, Marching Band, Track

Q:  Favorite book, its author and why:

A:  Eragon Series, Christopher Paolini

Q:  Favorite band or musician and why:

A: Green Day, I like their music and we feature their songs in our Marching Band halftime show.

Q:  Personal hero and why:

A:  My grandpa; he is the pastor at my church.

Q:  Preferred or dream career/job:

A:  Biomedical Engineer

Q:  Highlight of your high school experience so far:

A: Having friends that I know will be there for me.

Q: What is your favorite subject?

A: Biology

Q: If you could create your own high school course, what would it be called and what would it teach?

A:  A class for seniors to help them get their lives together, titled “Life”.

Q: Name three things you would like to accomplish by age 30:

A:  Graduate college, start a family, have a job I enjoy.

Q: If you could spend one year abroad, where would you go and why?

A:  I would go to Europe to experience different cultures.

Q: What would you tell a freshman who wants to make the most of his or her school years?

A:  Start planning ahead, but enjoy your time while you have it.