Marching Band

Ready for football season to begin

The 2017-2018 Redbank Marching Band halftime show features the music of the alternative band, Green Day. Songs  include Basket Case, 21 Guns and Know You Enemy. Every spring, the band meets and votes between two different shows.  Mr. Terwilliger gathers the band together, and they listen to two different possibilities. As a band they then vote for the music they will enjoy marching to the most.

Mr. Terwilliger, Marching Band director,  and his assistant Mr. Dukovich agreed to an interview to share their thoughts on marching band.

Q:  How many years have you been with the band? 6 years-Mr. T. 

Twelve years total, four as a student and eight as staff – Mr. Duke

Q:  How do you think the band has changed over the years?  We have lost members for various reasons, but recently, we have been able to grow in size and sound. -Mr. T.

I have seen the ups and downs, but the band is able to keep its head up and stay on track no matter what. -Mr. Duke

Q.What do you look forward to in the upcoming years?Hopefully in  future years, the band will continue to grow in members. Also I would love to be able to play harder music. -Mr. T.

I hope that the band will keep growing. -Mr. Duke

Q:  Why did you choose the show Green Day as the show.

The way it was written suited the band’s skill level. -Mr. T.

We felt it was the best show for the band and was passionate about it. -Mr. Duke

The band is one big family that will keep working hard to make music for everyone to hear. We are proud to play for Redbank Valley High School.