Something to Chew On: Biology & Life


Observation is a key factor in the study of biology. You have to observe the environment that surrounds you. With all your senses, you contemplate the people, the sounds, the aroma of the air, the noise of the area.  We use observation in everyday life as we hunt, shop, or just interact with people. When you notice someone didn’t tie his shoe or if you hear a change in someone’s voice due to a cold, you really are observing your biological environment.

So, here is my mind blowing realization:  as human beings, we are made of cells.  Our cells together makes all of us  living, breathing organisms.  We are all made the same, but we still can express ourselves as individuals as we choose. Biology gives us the sense of togetherness, being made from organelle to cell to organ to organ system to an organism that can become greater than just one individual cell.  However, often we don’t remember others feel the same, talk the same, move the same, hurt the same. Of course, we are all different, but if you just take a moment to think, we aren’t alone. 

Biology might seem like just a subject that explains how a human body works and how we are made, but it opens up our minds to how similar we are to each other. We aren’t alone in the world, living these lives together with our organs, brain, and heart inside. Biology class connects us to who we all are:  Same by organisms; different by soul; similar by humanity.