Homecoming for Senior High Students Only


This year’s Homecoming dance was for senior high students only for the first time in years.  Most recently, all grades in the high school were permitted to attend the dance. When there were some problems last year, the decision was made to have this year’s Homecoming dance limited to senior high. The Homecoming dance will continue to be for grades 9-12 only. However, Mrs. Weaver, Student Council adviser,  said, “We would let junior high have their own event later in the school year.”

Being a student that has attended the Homecoming dance since I was in seventh grade, I thought the dance was better overall this year. There wasn’t as much drama (crying, running on the dance floor, etc.) as there was in previous years.  As a seventh grader, I would have felt more comfortable going to a dance with people that were closer to my age. When I went in seventh grade I was extremely nervous; however, it was not because it was my first high school dance.  I was still nervous in eighth grade when I already knew what a dance would be like.  It was a very intimidating experience for me.  Even though I still managed to enjoy myself and hang out with my friends, I was still scared to be socializing in the same place with older students.

In previous years, students’ ages at the dance ranged from 12 to 18 years or even older. How many 12 and 18-year-old kids do you see going on a date together? Most likely, none. Also, even though Homecoming was well-chaperoned when it was for grades 7-12, there was still bound to be some type of conflict. In addition, seventh and eighth graders are mostly secluded from the rest of the grades in our school building, so it would make sense for them to have an event of their own. They have lunch together, and they are in their own wings. The only time they really get the chance to interact with the senior high students during the school day is when they are in the hall or if they are involved in a club that the older students go to. In my opinion, I didn’t think it was right for junior high to attend a dance that was mainly thrown for and honored upperclassmen.

I think that the choice to have the Homecoming dance for grades 9-12 only was a good decision.  It will make Homecoming more enjoyable for most of the students that attend, and junior high students can look forward to the opportunity to attend.  Maybe more dances could be for senior high only throughout the year.