Rethink Your Drink


Josie Delp, Author

If you consume beverages with added sugar, it could lead to many health problems, including heart disease, insulin resistance, high cholesterol, diabetes, dental issues, obesity, and more. Even worse, several of these issues can lead to life long treatments or even death.

People who develop high cholesterol are at a higher risk for strokes, heart attacks,  and aneurysms. Insulin resistance can lead to an increase in your blood sugar, which could possibly give you diabetes. Type two diabetes deals with the amount of sugar in your blood; symptoms include being tired constantly, blurry vision, slow healing processes, and being thirsty often. These sugary drinks can also cause cavities, enamel decay, and sensitivity. Globally, about 600 million people suffer from obesity. If we drink water instead, we could possibly avoid these complications.

Why do we drink those unhealthy beverages? Turns out that sugar can be addictive. When you consume sugar, it releases dopamine into the brain, making it seem like a reward. According to, “addiction to sugar and junk foods is exactly the same as addiction to abusive drugs,” this also includes sugary beverages. These drinks could actually be affecting our lives in the long run. If these habits keep continuing, we could be putting our future generations at risk as well.

Thankfully, Mrs. Orange’s showcase, located across the hall from Room 116, truly educates us on how much sugar is in the everyday drinks that we consume. If you get the chance,  look at the showcase.   It is the perfect display to put the amounts of sugar into perspective. Hopefully it makes you think twice about that sugary beverage.

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