Broadcast Gets “Set” Up

Morrissa Valasek, Author

Broadcast might seem like an easy class, but behind the scenes of RVTV Live, it is much more complex than what you could ever imagine.  Broadcast is currently building the set for this year’s cast for a new, more professional layout of RVTV.  The set was designed by the broadcast teacher, Mr. Fricko, and previous broadcast teacher, Mr. Bundy.  Currently the class is focused on setting up the tri-caster, also known as the scrolling announcements.  These particular announcements show on every TV in the high school and briefly recap all the information RVTV will supply.

There are currently 13 students in Broadcast from grades 10-12. The crew’s goal is to have the announcements completely up and running by Friday the 15th. So, get ready, Bulldogs, RVTV is coming back better than ever.  Lights, Camera, Action!