Peanut Butter Queen

And the crown goes to…


At right, Cora Morgan, 2017 Queen; Kaia Rearick, Runner Up.

Desirae Wells and Makenna Bish

Front Row: Kaia Rearick, Elizabeth Robinson, Natalie Harmon, Back Row: Corra Morgan, Emma Reddinger, Desirae Wells

This year’s Peanut Butter Queen pageant has six young ladies trying to claim the crown.

There are many steps leading up to earning the festival crown. The very first task assigned to the candidates was an essay, which they were only given one hour to write. The essay topic was not given to them in advance. The second task was an exhibition of public speaking skills in front of three judges and members of the candidates’ families. Candidates were given a speaking prompt and only had two minutes to prepare their response.

Come down Friday, September 15, to Gumtown Park to support your friends.  The Peanut Butter Festival Queen will be announced at 6:00 PM.

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