Seniors win


Madison Mckinney, Author

We don’t know exactly when the first powder puff game was recorded but, there is a photograph of the game being played as early as 1931. Eighty-six years later, the RV juniors and seniors will continue this great tradition.

This year’s Powder Puff game is held Tuesday, Steptember 12th. The Powder Puff game is at 7:00 P.M. This year’s Powder Puff game presents Vicious and Malicious (seniors) vs. “Merica Madness (juniors). The seniors colors are neon orange and green while the juniors colors are red, white, blue. The senior coaches are Clint Thurston, Logan Minich, Brock Barrett, Bryan Layton, and Tyler Shaffer. The coaches for the juniors are Hunter Wiles, Chase Wiles, Hunter Martz, Keaton Kahle, and Blaney Brooks.

Come out to the game and support your favorite Powder Puff team. Who do you want to win the Powder Puff game this year, the seniors or the juniors?

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