Principal’s Welcome


Adviser, Author

Mrs. Rupp, high school principal, welcomed the entire Redbank Valley student body back to school on Wednesday, August 30, during an Activity Period assembly.

Students filed in to the auditorium, taking their new seats as assigned at last spring’s Step-Up ceremony.   The seniors enjoyed their front and center seating, while Mrs. Rupp reminded them that their new seating arrangement meant they were now the role models for all students in the building.

Mrs. Rupp continued to address each grade level.  To the juniors, she congratulated them on having firm ideas for what they want to pursue outside of high school.  The sophomores were encouraged “to stay on the right track, stay true to self, and just get the job done.”   To the freshmen, Mrs. Rupp reminded them that they are no longer in middle school and to “remember to exhibit kindness.”

Mrs. Rupp’s school year theme, Take Ownership, is a building block on the foundation of last year’s theme of  Have Courage and Be Kind.   She told students, “I can’t make everyone nice.  I don’t have a magic wand.  I need everyone’s help.  So this year, have courage, be kind, and take ownership.  In your classes, do your work.  If you mess up, take ownership; when you do a good job, take ownership.”

Mrs. Rupp’s traditional opening assembly is a positive way to start the school year.  You may follow Mrs. Rupp’s blog for more of her insights as the year progresses.