Class of 2017 Time Capsule Opening

Kylie Drayer, Contributor

Seniors opened their seventh grade time capsules on Tuesday, May 9, in the cafeteria.  As seventh graders, students completed writing projects, interviews, and collected items through scavenger hunts that documented their seventh grade experience and pop culture of the time.  Students also kept a year-long journal and gathered letters from relatives to be opened at the time of graduation.   The capsules were sealed at the end of seventh grade, stored at the school until senior year, and then opened a few weeks before graduation.  

In her opening remarks, Mrs. DiGiammarino said,  “…this is the day that you meet your seventh grade self, and there is much to be learned if you are willing. I hope the time capsules will encourage you to continue to value your past, make your present productive, and set goals for your future.”

Much laughter and a few tears filled the cafeteria as students went through the contents of the time capsules.  Mrs. DiGiammarino has been incorporating the time capsule project in her English class since 2003.  


Any student who was member of the Class of 2017 but no longer attends RVHS, may pick up his/her time capsule at the school during regular school hours. Contact Mrs. DiGiammarino at the high school if special arrangements need to be made to deliver your capsule.