7th Grade Authors’ Fair

Kylie Drayer, Contributor

Students in Mrs. DiGiammarinio’s English 7 classes have been exploring various writing genres. The students were very excited about the pieces they were writing, so they decided that they would like to share their papers with a real audience. When they discovered that National Tell a Story Day was in April during the PSSA test, they thought that it would be a perfect time to celebrate writing creatively and to demonstrate the power of project-based learning, as well as cooperative team-building in the classroom.

National Tell a Story Day is observed in the United States each year on April 27th. People of all ages are encouraged to share all kinds of stories on this day. Whether it’s read from a book, one from your imagination, or an actual story form a childhood memory, April 27th is the day to gather friends and family and share those stories.

The 7th Grade Authors’ Fair took place on April 25th and 26th in the high school library. The students had an open mic where several students read excerpts from stories that they wrote. There were also excerpts of stories hanging throughout the library for everyone to read. On the computers, the students had their stories displayed on Google Docs for anyone to read and leave comments or suggestions about their writing. In the center of the library, there were seven different genre displays which included comedy fiction; fan-fiction; fantasy; historical fiction; journalism; murder mystery; and sports/journalism. At these displays, there were slideshows with information about the genres, as well as book covers that were designed by the 7th graders.

At the Authors’ Fair, Quinn Fricko and Abby Crawford were asked about their experience preparing for the event. Quinn chose historical fiction for her genre because she finds history interesting, and Abby chose fan fiction because she wanted to recreate stories that have already been written. If the students were to research genres in the future, Quinn would be interested in murder mystery, and Abby would be interested in historical fiction. Abby and Quinn both enjoyed working with all of their classmates on the project. They also liked seeing how well everyone worked together. Below, is a list of the genre groups, as well as the fair project groups.

Genre Groups

Comedy Fiction: Remi Orange, Claire Clouse, Brendan Shreckengost

Fan-Fiction: Lilly Shaffer, Katelyn Henry, Olivia Magagnotti, Abby Crawford, Jasmine Felts, Dylan Rupp

Fantasy: Jeffery Douglas, Marley Best, Rylee Bish, LeighAnn Hetrick

Historical Fiction: Olivia Anderson, Sarah Magness, Abby Young, Quinn Fricko

Journalism: Allyson Noerr

Murder Mystery: Mia Gourley, Ethan Young, Jack Shaffer, Anthony McGuire, Mackenzie Thiel

Sports/Journalism: Raegan Beamer, Katie Davis, Bryson Bain, Regan Miller

Fair Project Groups

Book Covers: Anthony McGuire, Remi Orange, LeighAnn Hetrick, Ethan Young, Jeffery Douglas

Table Displays: Claire Clouse, Lilly Shaffer, Olivia Magagnotti, Katelyn Henry, Allyson Noerr, Rylee Bish

Open Mic: Abby Crawford, Quinn Fricko, Abby Young, Raegan Beamer

Readers’ Response & Invitations: Marley Best, Katie Davis, Mia Gourley, Sarah Magness, Olivia Anderson, Regan Miller

Hallway & Interior Decor: Bryson Bain, Jack Shaffer, Jasmine Felts, Mackenzie Thiel, Brenden Schreckengost, Dylan Rupp

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