Something to Chew On: Keystone Testing

Something to Chew On: Keystone Testing

Samantha Neiswonger, Contributor

It is spring.  In grade school we would take the PSSA. Now we are in high school, and we take a huge test called the Keystones, which can be considerably difficult, especially since they are scheduled for a time when we are all in the mood to sit back and get the school year over!

Juniors, sophomores, and freshmen are nervous to take the Keystones. This one test will determine your schedule next year, especially with remediation classes.  We all try to avoid those dreaded classes.

So, if the Keystone testing makes such an impact on our schooling,  we have to remind ourselves that the school year is not over just yet. Try to go out with a bang–take those tests or finals with 100% effort. The last month of school will fly by,  and then summer will truly be here.   We won’t have to worry about testing for the next three months until next school year.

All we can do is hold on.  It is almost over, but not yet.  Good luck to everyone with their finals and Keystones!