April Showcase

April Showcase

Kylie Drayer, Contributor

This month’s showcase focuses on Autism Awareness and was created by the 7th grade homerooms. ¬†According to www.autism-society.org, Autism Awareness month is every April. The Autism Society launched the effort to promote autism awareness about 25 years ago. In addition to awareness, the other goals of Autism Awareness Month include assuring that each person with autism is provided opportunities to achieve the highest possible quality of life, and inclusion and self-determination for all. The goal for this year’s campaign is to go beyond promoting awareness and encourage everyone to join-in on the movement towards acceptance and appreciation.

For over 50 years, the Autism Society has worked in many different communities support every individual with autism. This year, the society is expanding to ensure acceptance and inclusion in schools and communities that results in appreciation of all people. Another goal of the Autism Society is to get closer to a society where people with autism are valued for their talents and gifts.

To learn more about the Autism Society and Autism Awareness Month, click here.


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